Electrical Equipment Repairs, Inc.
Electrical Equipment Repairs, Inc. has spent the
better part of 30 years providing
troubleshooting, repair and maintenance to all
types of equipment. During this time,  we have
found a few products good enough to call our
favorites (which means we don't get called back
to fix them). We use these products for new
installs and as replacement parts in existing
systems. Some manufacturers have granted us
exclusive sale territories and others have
designated us as their local service center.
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Whether you need to replace a defective drive or motor because your
equipment has become obsolete or you are upgrading by  retrofitting a
machine to eliminate gear boxes and clutches that are no longer available and
expensive to repair, we can be your one stop consult to obtain a motor and
drive combination that will fit your needs.  We will NEVER over sell the
equipment.  We will only recommend the appropriate equipment to meet your
needs and we'll go one step further - we'll install the equipment for you.   

How will you benefit?   You will get reasonably priced equipment that is
appropriate for your application and we will provide you with local service if
the case ever arises.