Electrical Equipment Repairs, Inc.
Electronic technology and corporate take-overs proceed at such a pace that many
times, in the course of routine repair services, we perform retrofits due to the
fact that the required parts are obsolete or no longer available. In these
circumstances, we are able to analyze the intended function of the defective
device(s) and find replacement parts from alternate sources that effectively
perform the same function.  For mechanical and hydraulic issues we work hand
in hand with S&S Mechanical Services located in Gonzales, LA.  
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Problem 1:*

One of our clients had just purchased an existing
facility with a foreign Keyseater that was inoperable.
The manufacturer of the Keyseater had gone out of
business and the client had no documentation,
schematic diagram or parts list for the machine.  No
one at the facility had ever seen the Keyseater
operate or knew how to operate it. Upon inspection, it
was evident that someone had attempted
repair/modify  it unsuccessfully.

We determined from discussion with the client how
they felt the machine should operate to facilitate
their needs. We accessed the machine, gutted all
control relays and wiring, installed a programmable
logic controller, connected the inputs and outputs, and
proceeded to program the PLC to accomplish the
sequence of operations as proscribed.

We provided the client with a functional Keyseater for
about 8% of the cost of replacement with a used
functioning Keyseater.
Problem 2:*

The client had a foreign Horizontal Boring Mill,
for which the mechanical vari-drive for the feeds
was inoperable and replacement parts were not

After removing the inoperable vari-drive, we  
installed a Marathon Black Max motor and PDL
Variable Frequency Drive in place of the defective

Not only did we provide the client with a functional
HBM, but actually improved the functionality of
the machine over the original design by providing
infinite control of the feed rates. For a mere
fraction of the cost of replacement, this machine is
on line and generates revenue daily.