What's New
Electrical Equipment Repairs, Inc.
We have relocated operations to our satellite facility in Walthall County
Mississippi.  Our new facility provides plenty of room for in house
equipment repair and fabrication of custom motor controls.  

Walthall is a more centralized location for a customer base that extends
from New Orleans to Jackson and Alexandria to Hattiesburg, proving
convenient for our Sales and Service people.   
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8am - 5pm
5pm - 8am
Monday - Friday
$90.00 per hour
$135.00 per hour
Varies with location
Saturday - Sunday
$135.00per hour
$180.00 per hour
Varies with location
$180.00 per hour
$340.00 per hour
Varies with location
Travel Expense**
Actual if any
Actual if any
Actual if any
Mileage Charges +
.75 per mile
.75 per mile
.75 per mile
Published Service Rates
* Time begins upon departure from shop, including travel and standby time.  Our technicians and
subcontractors log actual time and it is billed accordingly.
** Travel Expenses are in addition to mileage charges and are billed to the customer as charged to
the technician / subcontractor.
+ Mileage is charged round trip to the customers location from our shop and as incurred to pick
up customers' parts / materials to complete the job.